Global Health - an Online Journal for the Digital Age

The mission of The University of Findlay's publication, Global Health - an Online Journal for the Digital Age, is to provide opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, and guest scholars to contribute to the body of knowledge concerning global health care and the appreciation of social responsibility that spans the globe.

The online journal may serve as a repository for scholarly articles, such as:

  1. Case study on a health career within a culturally diverse setting
  2. Experiential advice on entrepreneurship activity in global health care
  3. Impact initiative on some facet of global health care and/or its people
  4. Opinion on nontraditional approaches to health care around the globe)
  5. Comparison of health care systems or interventions between countries
  6. Descriptions of educational programs to foster social responsibility
  7. Scientific evidence for the importance of globalization.

Vol 7, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Deborah George


A review on potentially inappropriate drug prescribing using beers criteria 2015 PDF
Sravani Lanke, Tejasree Bandi, Srimath Tirumala Konduru Sridhar, Jakka Venkata Srinivas
A review on drug-drug interactions and its risk factors in medical intensive care unit PDF
Gudala Sathya Sree, Saggurthi Pavani, Srimath Tirumala Konduru Sridhar, Jakka Venkata Srinivas
Pharmacists' involvement in diabetic care: review of randomized controlled trials PDF
S.N. Rahmathullah
Causality, severity, preventability assesment of adverse drug reactions in a tertiary are NABH accredited hospital PDF
Dhanraj - Chaudhary, Balakeshwa Ramaiah, Raju Koneri
An empirical study on evaluation of prescribing pattern in antiepileptic therapy in pediatric patients at a tertiary care hospital PDF
Pratibha Yadav
Assess the appropriateness of antimicrobial agents in hospital with the importance of empirical therapy and assisted re-evaluation by clinical pharmacist PDF
Shaik Mohammed Irfan
Cultural Sensitivity through a Short-term Mission Trip PDF
Deborah A. George