Global Health - an Online Journal for the Digital Age

The mission of The University of Findlay's publication, Global Health - an Online Journal for the Digital Age, is to provide writing and editing opportunities for students preparing to enter the field of health care in venues that span the globe. Faculty members and guest authors are encouraged to contribute articles that will help students in their quest for knowledge.Student, faculty and guest contributors will use the Journal as a repository for scholarly articles on:

1. Careers in Global Health Care (articles on interesting careers that people, especially young people, have carved out for themselves in various health care settings)

2. Entrepreneurship in Global Health Care (articles on exciting entrepreneurial businesses and initiatives within larger businesses could be featured, especially entrepreneurial businesses and ventures initiated by younger individuals)

3. Having an impact (articles about people, businesses, organizations, or initiatives that are having a demonstrable impact on some facet of global health care and/or people)

4. Alternative Health Care (articles about nontraditional approaches to health care around the globe)

5. Guest article (by a recognized authority)

6. Reviews of health care in various countries

Vol 6, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
M. Chandra Sekar


Perceptions of healthcare professionals towards clinical pharmacists in Cambodia XML
Channeth Meng, Sophearom Chhea, Sin Chea, Dallas Smith
Educating baccalaureate nursing students to be global citizens PDF
Kathy Holloway, William Lightner, Rebecca Terry, Martha Schreiber, Melissa Sutton
Changes in physical therapist social responsibility and altruism during international pro bono experiences PDF
Jean Weaver, Amanda Pye, Nikki McCoy, Joseph Rosi, Brandon Rosi
Misapplication and overexploitation of antibiotics fuel the antimicrobial resistance in India PDF
Sreelakshmi Padmakumar
A community survey on knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacy practice regulations among pharmacists in Kerala, Southern India PDF
Ummu Habeeba, Jabir Chelathoor, Fathima Mujeeb, Unnikrishnan Mazhuranchery, Anil Babu, Vinod Thomas
What ails US healthcare? PDF
Rachel Hartman
Stevia - can it be the solution for America's obesity and diabetic crisis? PDF
Michelle Boysel