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Anantha Naik Nagappa


The community pharmacy practice is an important procedure to ensure patient safety and quality of life in ambulatory care and outpatients. Unfortunately in Developing economies, such a system is not developed. The patients in such communities continue to manage prescriptions in an irrational manner.  Community pharmacists are obliged to help patients in understanding the medicine in their prescription and use them rationally to get the expected outcome of therapy.  Hence the qualified registered pharmacist should take the responsibility of providing knowledge about drugs, diseases, and lifestyle modifications required after the evaluation of the prescription and interaction with the patient. Community Pharmacists should act as a link between doctors and nurses. 

In this review, the status of the Community Pharmacists in Bharat (India) and how we start pharmacy practice in Bharat is discussed 


Pharmacy practice, Prescription evaluation, Patient counselling


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Pharmacy Practice Regulations 2015 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PART III—SEC. 4] Pharmacy Council of Bharat No. 14-148/ 2012- PCI published on 15th January 2015 New Delhi India.

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