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The World Beyond Use of the internet or E-Commerce together with an emerging global economy has disolved borders and dramatically changed society as we know it.

Moreover, we have exposed the plight of the less fortunate - those who have little or no access to healthcare, much less adequate food clean water and basic shelter.

Today's students in health management or the health sciences will find both opportunities and challenges in a global health care environment. It is to taking advantages of those opportuities and solving the challenges that this Journal is dedicated.. Advertising Since this journal is available free of charge, the support of advertisers is appreciated.  Please contact the editor for more information. Disclaimer to Readers and Advertisers The information presented in this electronic Journal publication by The University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio (USA) is the work of authors ranging from students to professionals in health, teaching and business. Information is collected, maintained and provided solely for the convenience of the reader.

The Journal’s editorial staff attempts to present timely health care issues that impact on global health. Articles are reviewed by members of the editorial board prior to publication but the review does not rise to the level of peer review.

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