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Prescribing Pattern and Medication adherence in Tonsillitis

Maneesha Thazhal, Arathy Kothakulanghara, Arathy Kothakulanghara, Rajeev P Thomas, Rajeev P Thomas, Tonya Clara Thomas, Tonya Clara Thomas


Objective : A prospective study was undertaken to found out the baseline data on the prescribing pattern of the drug therpay in tonsillitis patients and to evaluate the medication adherence behaviour of tonsillitis patients.

Methods : As per the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 70 patients of tonsillitis in the gae group 5-60 were studied to understand the prescribing patterns and medication adherence (Morisky Green Levine Questionnaire).

Results : The antibiotic amoxicillin+clavulanic acid was the most prescribed antibiotic for tonsillitis(82.85714%). Diagnosis of acute tonsillitis was more frequent than diagnosis of pharyngeotonsillitis and adenotonsillitis with the percentage of 30 in male and 60 in female. The medication adherence behaviour was more among the study subjects when compared with general popualtion and was 62.9%.

Conclusion : As per the results of the study, we concluded that the amoxicillin + clavulanic acid was the most prescribed antibiotic in tonsillitis. the high medication adherence helped in controlling the disease. The analgesics, anti-histamines, corticosteroids, antiseptic gargles, nasal decongestants, anti-histamine with decongestants, mucolytics with antihistamines also helped with antibiotics to control the symptoms.




Tonsillitis, Prescribing pattern, Medication adherence, Morisky Green Levine test

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