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Menstrual Cup

Affiliation How to Buy a Period Cup: Easy Steps (with Pictures). A Period or menstrual cup is a silicone, TPE, or latex device that collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it like a tampon. There are many different brands, so there are several factors to consider before purchasing a cup.
Get educated by reading reviews and learn a little bit about cups. If you are brought up in a society where cups are not widely available, they may seem strange to you. However cups are healthier, more economical, and more convenient than conventional menstrual products. Read How to Decide About Using a Menstrual Cup for more information about period cups.
Bio Statement First measure up your cervix to decide on the size of menstrual cup you should buy. Which menstrual cup brands are best to buy? Your cervix is the part of your vagina where your menstrual fluid departs. It's important to measure how far up your cervix is in your vagina before you buy a paticular brand of cup, because some cups are longer and some are shorter, so they work worse or better with people who have lower or higher cervixes. If you have a low cervix you will want a shorter, stouter cup so that it does not ride down or poke out of you while you're wearing it. So before deciding which cup to buy, find out how high or low your cervix is using the following process. I have included a map of all known locations in the world that sell menstrual cups online. This includes Luna Period Cups, Lunette, DivaCup, Mooncup, JuJu, Femmecup,
  • Wait until you are on your period day, because your cervix will be in different positions at different times of your monthly cycle. Also, you may want to measure on a couple of different days of your period, because it may not be exactly the same each day.
  • Gently and slowly insert a clean finger back, not up, into your vagina, past your pelvic bone, some muscles, and a kind of 'empty' space. Lubricant may be helpful to use for this part.
  • Wander around to find the bit that feels a bit like the tip of a nose. Your cervix is a round nub, with an indentation in the middle.
  • Note how far your finger went before touching your cervix, and measure your finger with a ruler to find out how many centimeters or millimeters back this was. If it's so far back you can't find it at all, just estimate a bit longer than your finger.

  • Now what to do with this information! Some brands make period cups as small as 5 centimeter (1.6 in) long or as large as almost 6 centimeter (2.4 in) long. Your cup will sit below your cervix when in use. If it is low, you will probably find a shorter cup such as LunaCups, Ladycup, Lunette, Fleurcup, or Yuuki more comfortable. If your flow is light, the MeLuna is also a good option -- however, if your flow is heavy and you want to use this brand, you may need to choose one of their larger sizes. If you have a low cervix, the cup without the stem should not be too much longer than the distance from your cervix to your vaginal opening (but you have a bit of slack there, because your cervix can be partially in the cup). If it is high, a longer cup such as Divacup, Naturcup, or Shecup would be better so that it will be easy to reach when you want to remove it, but in this case you can comfortably use most cup lengths.
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