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Reflection on Olivia Nathan's presentation - "New Pathogen, Same Disparity"

Tila Nguyen


 Pharmacists, as well as all other healthcare practitioners, play a key role in helping to address healthcare disparities in Black and Indigenous people of color. It is essential to learn the importance of cultural awareness in order to provide competent care to those in need of a welcoming healthcare journey. This need for quality comprehensive care is especially imperative for those who identify with the LGBTQ community. HIV and COVID-19 crises have shown increasing similarities to each other. Both crises have resulted in racial injustice and inequity to communities all over. Minority groups are at increased risk of becoming ill and dying from HIV and COVID-19. Although they are caused by different pathogens, they are affected by the same disparities. We can change this by reaching out to underserved communities who have less access to quality healthcare. Empowering community knowledge will increase patient trust and education. By offering a safe and accommodating healthcare environment for all patients, we are able to meet the needs of our patients. Pharmacists are leaders in the mission of achieving equality and equity for all patients. We are all in a network of mutuality and have once common goal of servicing our patients in a culturally competent manner.


pharmacy; education; healthcare disparity; co-curricular



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