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The Indian pharma iron market

Pooja Swaminathan


This article briefly covers various diseses/ conditions where iron supplementation is required. World Health Organization consider anemia, resulting from iron deficieny as a serious global health probelm. Iron formulations are prescribed by various physicians and available in multiple formulations and in India various companies/ brands compete to improve their market share.


anemia, iron deficiency, pharmaceuticals, brand


Babati, Babak (2020). Howson, Peter (ed.). Special Report: India COVID-19 Briefing. The Business Year. p. 10. ISBN 9781912498574. Retrieved 20 February 2021. Since the mid-1960s, India has made a name for itself as a manufacturing center for pharmaceuticals. By under[-]license manufacturing of patented international products and reverse-engineering generic drugs, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has turned the country into the 'pharmacy of the world.'

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