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Comparison of pharmacy education and pharmacist's role in United States and India

Caleb Wright


The role of a pharmacist is very different in India compared to that of the United States. Both countries, to varying degrees, have failed to fully utilize the expertise of highly trained pharmacists for healthcare delivery in their respective societies. Awareness and proper education of both - other healthcare professionals and patients, is the first step to improve both the pharmacist’s role as well as patient outcomes in both of these countries. The United States changed the requirement for pharmacy licensure from Bachelors of Pharmacy to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) fourteen years ago and at the same time made Pharm D the basic requirement for pharmacy licensure. While India started a Doctor of Pharmacy program in 2008, but did not upgrade the requirement to become a registered pharmacist, such that currently you can become a registered pharmacist in India following anywhere from 2-6 years of education. The purpose of this article is to compare United States and Indian scenario for pharmacy education and practice, and to identify some preliminary steps that these countries need to take to better utilize their trained pharmacists to improve patient outcomes. We also hope this article provides basic foundation for pharmacy exchange students before their internship in the foreign country.


Pharmacy Education; Clinical Pharmacy; Pharm D; India; USA


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